How she does ?

It adapts to the new COVID standards and offers ZOOM video conferencing sessions for closer to reality support.

Need help? According to COVID measures, it is not impossible for Gawah the agency to get around being organized! Specialists can be sent.

Our sales representative on the island allows us better communication for direct contact from an administrative and logistical point of view.

Swiss by birth and husband of a Mauritian, he settled in the sun several years ago.

He communicates in French and Creole. He knows the country perfectly well and feels at home there. You will find it at Stanley Rose-Hill 21170.



Social networks.

Provide several showcases to your customers.

Posts, story, video. With several years of management, we are up to date on all distribution platforms.

Find out how to optimize your online stores on your networks. Offer your customers a clear and entertaining website, define a campaign in your image to win!


Bring added value to your professionalism with 3D plans to better direct your customers.

Develop your event management capabilities.

Save time, focus on the essentials from the start.




With a well-thought-out scenography, you offer your client an event as close as possible to what he had imagined.

Our experts give you their tips and creativity to help you make your dreams come true.

How to manage, organize, invoice, calculate?

There are many software that can help you in your administrative procedures.

After several years of experience, we have found some software that not only saves us time but is also affordable to everyone, both in terms of their price and their use.

Our specialists can provide management training or help in your daily life to free you up time for other occupations.


Gawah the agency offers you various services from Europe.

Based in Switzerland, in 2021 it is developing a new sector near you.

Here are the services it offers:



-Communication (social networks, product promotion, website, posters, media)
-Events (how to create and manage your event, 3D plan)
-Finances (Establish a budget, limit spending)
-Techniques (Everything you need to know about the appropriate sound and lighting equipment that has already been tested)
-Administration (how to manage the administrative aspect of your customers from A to Z, support, accounting)
-Scenography (tailor-made creation, logistics), let's create your event together in your image
-Security (how to protect your employees and customers throughout your tenures).

Why security?

Safety is not only proof of professionalism but also it reflects the respect you have for your client and your team!

The weight calculations, the hooks, the assembly are very important moments.

Our rigors specialized in this field can create with your data the exact measurements of your events.





En cas d'urgence vous pouvez téléphoner au 079 625 72 39

  • 830 - 1200
  • 1300 - 1730