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The LED wall has become an indispensable piece of equipment to ensure the transmission of information during gala, congress and conference. LED wall can also be an important tool for creating an original and intense atmosphere during an event.

It offers a better visualization of images and videos thanks to the width of its screen and the quality of high definition broadcasting. Gawah l'Agence offers a rental service of high-end LED wall.



This equipment brings a real revolution in the visual field. It allows you to create a real wall of images or videos to impress your guests and especially to convey important messages. Gawah l'Agence provides you with top-of-the-range equipment for :

Visual support during presentations (conferences, galas, sports and cultural events;)
Create an electric atmosphere during your shows;
Broadcasting video sequences in real time;
Share information or advertisements

Everything is possible with LED wall. So please entrust your desires to our team. We will study the feasibility of your project and provide you with the best ideas to realize your requirements..


Video mappings, or 3D architectural projections, are a form of multimedia show that, when integrated into a heritage building, convenes a space of multiple mediations.

The visual effects and iconography, combined with the structure and symbolic charge of the building, create a physical and virtual space for the viewer to experience.



Thanks to the use of specific software, the volumes are drawn and reproduced in order to obtain large-scale video projections that adhere as closely as possible to the chosen locations.

The software allows you to project one or more clips on different outputs.

Opposite, on volumes for an immersive effect during a DJ set

Video mapping is a living art, which uses technology to create animated and sonorous trompe-l'oeil.

This living art requires above all a skill in several areas related to computer graphics.

These visual and auditory artistic assets are therefore the keystones of a trompe l'oeil artist.



Video and audiovisual production

In addition to our existing stage equipment, we now have a video capture system to produce high quality content.

We also offer editing and post-production services to meet your new needs.

Ready for the adventure? We provide live broadcasting of your events



Live Streaming ?

To broadcast a conference or even a live event online, all you need to do is allow a video stream to play on your website as it is captured..

Progressive playback is the most commonly used solution and allows users to watch content as they download it.

Ready for the adventure? We provide live broadcasting of your events.

Gawah l'Agence offers quality services for the organization of corporate or private events.

In addition to LED wall rental, we also offer all the equipment you may need for such a project, such as sound system rental, lighting rental, and video recording.